How to propose a CADS show

How to propose a CADS show

Interested in putting a showing with CADS? That’s great! There’s only three things you need before proposing a show:

  • You must be a paid up member of CADS
  • You must have a show or original idea that CADS could get the rights to perform
  • You must have a director on board 

And that’s it! There are a few other things to consider but those are the only must haves as far as the committee are concerned.

We have slots throughout the year for shows. We aim for at least two shows a year, including a winter show. However, this is all dependent on what proposals are made to the committee.  

Picking a play:

  1. We have a long list of plays that are available for performance if you know you’d like to direct but would like to get some ideas. 
  2. The only limit is your imagination – we perform everything from Shakespeare to Terry Pratchett and one act play reviews, you could even write your own.
  3. Have a think about how big a cast you might like and how long you may need to rehearse.


  1. Consider the scale of the production. Costs need to be factored into any proposal. The committee can help you work out costs – a musical with a cast of 30 will have a very different budget to an intimate drama with four actors in the Alma
  2. How big a production crew might you need – for example, will you need complex lighting/sets? 
  3. Don’t have a producer or another role you need? Let us know and we can put the word out so you can find someone before the proposals meeting.

The committee is always on hand to help. If you’re unsure of anything, let us know. Productions are collaborative, and we’ll never turn down a trip to the pub to talk about your ideas!

The proposal meeting:

Before coming along to the proposals meeting, you’ll need to:

The meeting will take place at a casual venue and will be a brief chat with the CADS committee and interested members to go over your plans and ideas.

The committee, and any members that have attended, will vote at the end of the night and let everyone who proposed shows know if they have been successful and give feedback.