Get Involved

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with any aspect of CADS we’d love to hear from you!

As well as acting roles in our shows we welcome people interested in all aspects of a production, including:

  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Set Design
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Publicity
  • Backstage
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Front of House
  • Running the bar

Our yearly membership fee is £15 – all you have to do is fill in our simple membership form and you will be sent a welcome email with details on how to pay your subscription.

If you’re not interested in being in shows, but would like be kept informed of our productionsworkshops and socials, then you might prefer to join our Friends of CADS Info mailing list – please sign up using the ‘CADS info mailing list’ box.

Why become a CADS member?

Well, the main advantages are listed below; you can:

  • Act in CADS shows
  • Have a say in which show gets put on next (or even propose a show yourself!)
  • Reduced workshop fees of £1
  • Have one ticket (for your own use!) at a concessionary rate for CADS shows

You also have more say in how the society is run – you can attend committee meetings, vote at the AGM, stand for a committee position etc.

What does being a Friend of CADS mean?

It means we know you exist, and have your name on a mailing list of people who are interested in the following:

  • Seeing CADS Shows
  • Auditioning for CADS Shows
  • CADS socials
  • CADS workshops (£3 per workshop for non CADS members)

It means we won’t send you bumf about meetings, but will keep you informed of everything else that is going on. You are very welcome to attend socials and workshops, but won’t have a say in the running of the society.

Auditions are always open, but once you have been cast and accepted a role in a CADS show then we would expect you to become a member. This involves filling in a brief membership form and paying your subscription fees, which go towards the costs of running the society and putting on shows.

To make it a bit clearer, we’ve set it out below:

Friend of CADSMember of CADS
Annual CostN/A£15
Cost of workshops£3£1
One ticket at a concessionary rate for CADS showsNoYes
Eligible to act in CADS showsNoYes
Eligible to propose a CADS showNoYes
Eligible to vote at proposals meetings and AGMNoYes
Eligible to be on the CADS committeeNoYes
Info on shows, auditions, socials and workshopsYesYes
Info on committee meetingsNoYes

Members will also have access to our Members Area on the web site, which provides rehearsal timetables and show info for cast and crew members, as well as hosting the CADS forums and files.