CADS Sunday lunch social and AGM 2020

CADS Sunday lunch social and AGM 2020

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Sun 19th January
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Rose of Denmark

CADS Sunday lunch social and AGM 2020

Minutes of the Clifton Amateur Dramatics Society (CADS) AGM 19 January 2020


  • Jocelyn Egginton (outgoing Chair)
  • Tom Brown (outgoing Secretary)
  • Rory Hubbard
  • Connor MacMurray
  • Charles Hutchence
  • Laettie Ellison
  • Louise Waller
  • Pete Stone
  • Emma Cleeve
  • Beth Raithby
  • Simon Holmes
  • Andy Casey
  • Henry Arnold


  • Lucy Black
  • Robert Egginton (proxy vote held by Jocelyn Egginton)

Minutes of the previous AGM

  • Approved
  • No matters arising

Presentation of Committee Reports

Chair: Jocelyn Egginton

  • It’s been a good year for CADS, only two shows, but they were good ones and a lot of effort went into both
  • Lots of funds were put towards socials and workshops
  • Lots of new members of the society due to large cast successful shows

Secretary: Tom Brown

  • Nothing to report

Social Secretary: Laettie Ellison

  • Socials went well
  • Bad Romance was popular again, so will probably continue to do this as a regular feature
  • Karaoke was very well received, and interest has been shown in repeating the event.
  • Film viewings at 20th Century Flicks have been very popular, especially the December viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol
  • As a general rule, socials which were based around the currently running shows were much more popular and better attended. 

Workshop Rep: Jocelyn Egginton (proxy for Ben Barber who moved away from Bristol in September 2019)

  • The Improv Workshops went well
  • Space bookings need to be double checked ahead of time as there were several instances of double booking
  • There should be a better way of confirming who is coming/signed up for workshops as Facebook Events are notoriously unreliable

Publicity: Charles Hutchence

  • Got a lot of events and other publicity through using Facebook and Instagram paid-for advertising, a good thing to invest in in the future.
  • Need to integrate Facebook and Instagram profiles with the Website better.
  • Few people came to see the Panto due to posters and Flyers.

Website: Jocelyn Egginton (proxy for Robert Egginton)

  • The CADS website probably needs an update
  • Is functional, but is looking a bit old and tired, and could do with jazzing up a bit with more of a focus on the myriad images which we have collected from past shows.

Accounts: Louise Waller

  • Overall in 2019 we made money, £518 profit over the course of the year
  • Intake from shows was £436 from Shakesbeer (half of which went to FOCCAL), and £1032 from Cinderella.
  • Outgoings included the purchasing of some new lights and a paypal card reader, both of which proved very useful during Cinderella, and will continue to be useful for future shows, a good investment.
  • C. £500 was spent on workshops and socials.
  • We spent a lot more this year on hiring rehearsal venues due to our usual free spaces being unavailable.
  • As of today’s date we have £8288 in the bank.
  • What do we do with all this money? Something for the next committee to discuss.
  • Accounts had been audited by Nathalie Delaney.
  • Accounts ratified


Show Reports


  • Was great
  • Beer was good, organised by FOCCAL
  • Rehearsing at the library was good, except for one evening where there was a double booking. 
  • Good size cast, around 20 people
  • There was a clash with a Park Party on one performance in the park at the same time. Unfortunately it is not really possible to predict such things as these are public spaces which the show is performed in and often such events are not advertised far ahead of time. But something to be aware of. 

Panto – Cinderella

  • Was great
  • 499 tickets sold
  • Spent £4203.22
  • Took £5235.95
  • So we made more money than we thought we would, which is nice

Henry Arnold arrives

  • Panto was heavily edited so that it was eventually around 13000 words, meaning the show was around 2 hours in length, including the interval, a good length for a panto.
  • The smoke alarm did go off during the matinee performance, due to the hazer, but new we know that this was due to the stage doors being open during the performance. 
  • Assistant director (Laettie) was very useful.
  • Cast/crew Whatsapp group was very useful
  • Pre-learning the script worked (for the most part).
  • Can have more dance numbers and rehearse with dancers earlier and include them in more scenes.
  • We now have a spreadsheet with rehearsal venues and pricing in the G-drive.
  • Flyering in Costume at the Clifton Christmas Lights Switch On event got some people along, even though we started late. Could do more of this in 2020.
  • Need more communications with the bar and venue if possible
  • Need a technical director.
  • Radio Mics were great and a definite need for future large shows
  • Scene backdrop got a lot of great feedback, we should try and get something similar again, something to note for potential future script writers.
  • Roles of Musical and Band Director needs to be split, too much for one person, James Horsburgh happy to do one or the other in future, preferably Band, but not both.
  • Not worth selling programs at the event. Could create an online PDF on the website and provide a link at the desk in future. Saves paper and effort but people would still get to read stuff about the show and cast. 
  • Paypal card reader was awesome
  • Lots of people auditioned, most people got a speaking part, and a few were happy to be in the chorus, and some others decided not to take part. 
  • Rehearsal period can be used more effectively. Spend less time on rehearsing scenes and more time on dance/singing rehearsals. 
  • One audience member commented that the ticket price was incredibly cheap for the quality of the show and would have been very happy to pay more for such a great performance.
  • Lots of repeat audience from Sleeping Beauty (2017), hopefully there will be more come 2020.
  • Lots of children at the Matinee, telling people to bring booster seats was a good idea. 


Ratification of membership fees

  • £15 for the whole year
  • £10 after September 1st
  • £10 for just one show, can be topped up later.
  • Members get access to workshops and socials for free
  • Emma thinks this is a really good value, compared to a lot of other acting groups
  • We don’t have a major need for more money and need members more than more funds.
  • Do we keep membership fees at their current rate? – CARRIED


Motions to change the constitution

  • No motions tabled


Election of new Committee members for 2020


  • Laettie Ellison stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY


  • Emma Cleeve stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY


  • Lucy Black stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY


  • Louise Waller stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Social Secretary & Publicity Representative

  • Charles Hutchence stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Workshop Representative

  • Henry Arnold stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Website Representative

  • Peter Stone stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Biscuit Representative/Non-portfolio Officer(s)

  • Beth Raithby stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY
  • Andy Casey stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

Accounts Auditor 2020

  • Andy Casey stands for election – ELECTED UNANIMOUSLY

CADS membership feedback

  • Beth, it was great and I loved it
  • Simon, moved to congratulate the outgoing chair (clap, clap, clap, clap)


  • CADS blocks and cups are currently out of access, but Jocelyn Egginton is working on it.

Meeting Adjourned