CADS Ctte mtg Sept 2017 – Monday this month!

CADS Ctte mtg Sept 2017 – Monday this month!

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Mon 4th September
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte mtg Sept 2017 - Monday this month!

Please find below the minutes from the meeting:

Minutes of the CADS committee meeting 04.09.17


  • Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)
  • Tom Brown (Secretary)
  • Louise Waller (Treasurer)
  • Lucy Black (Co-Treasurer)
  • Megan King (Publicity)
  • Kate Ryan (Workshops)
  • Paul Richards


  • None

Minutes of last meeting

  • According to an email we still have a coat belonging to Jan going unclaimed or something, Jos to sort out.

Show Updates

Entertaining Mr Sloane

  • Lucy and Louise have been to a few rehearsals, Paul is very pleased with how they are going.
  • Role of Ed has been filled and is doing very well, there is even some family resemblance between the actors!
  • Jan is doing a very good job on costumes, especially the cheap leather trousers.
  • Alex Percival has agreed to do the lighting. By his own admission he is a novice, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Jude Grant will do the sound operation
  • Front of House, committee will help. Jos needs to check if she can do two nights.
  • Jamie Fitz will be the Stage Manager
  • Paul is a bit worried about the get in, as there’s a children’s workshop at the Alma very soon before it, so aiming for a 2ish start.
  • Sunday 24th for the get in.
  • Monday the 25th for the tech
  • Tuesday the 26th for the Dress
  • Jos to have a look at the ‘Interested in tech’ list of the CADS sign up sheets and see how many people we have on it who might be able to help with the get in.
  • Louise has sorted out the flats, pretty cheaply
  • Lucy and Louise to bring the Paint on the Get in but then use it on the Tech.
  • Lucy to ask Richard Farrer to help with the tech if he is available.
  • Posters for the Alma are sorted
  • Paul to send pictures of rehearsals to Lucy & Louise.
  • Louise to pay the Alma this week for the hire fee
  • Lucy & Louise to arrange a visit to the Alma for the actors.
  • Rose Bowl Award people will be coming to one of the performances.
  • Cast Members need to be members of CADS. Louise to bully those few holdouts.
  • We still need a few props
  • Paul to do the programme
  • Sponsorship is still up in the air, it’s up to the production team.

Sleeping Beauty

  • The script is being edited, however it is a lot of work. Hopefully we will have at least the first act but the time auditions roll round so we will be able to construct character outlines and general plot layout etc.
  • Auditions venue is sorted out. Bit of confusion over the times for auditions, due to the doodle poll being set up in the Reykjavik time zone, god knows why. All sorted out now, hopefully.
  • Venue details are still up in the air unfortunately, however the production team are visiting the venue on the 14th where we hope to be able to hash out a lot of the details and get some firm answers.
  • Possibly need to spend more on the costumes than we thought.
  • Radios Mics will be needed, and this might put the tech budget up too.
  • We need 60 people per night to break even, without a bar.
  • If we can negotiate a working bar then that would be great.
  • Tickets. Jos to set up a paypal account in the name of the committee in order to ensure that we can receive payment for tickets into the new bank account. Once this has been set up Megan can start to properly advertise the show.
  • Rob to set up the website link once the paypal account is live and let Megan know when he has.
  • Directorial approval has been given for advertising in the BAOS show programme. Megan to send Tom dimensions for the programme so he can make up some publicity stuff.
  • Pyros?

The Avon One-Act Show

  • 3 Night show, 3 shows per night competition.
  • March 2018
  • Jos to send out an email asking for interested parties who might want to direct.

Clifton Club Founders Dinner

  • We were approached asking is we wanted to perform something for this. However we’ve got too much other stuff on to think about it, so have politely declined.


Stuff for Entertaining Mr Sloane is mostly done by the Alma.

  • Megan to push the show a bit in the digital community some time in the coming weeks


  • 2nd Bad Romance is not feasible this September, rescheduled for mid November?


  • We have a new bank account with Barclays. Woot!
  • Louise to transfer money from the old HSBC account to the new account and close the old account soon.
  • We have officially entered the 21st century by being allowed access to online banking.
  • Louise to make Jos able to access the online banking.
  • Louise to write a letter of formal complaint to HSBC.


  • Jos has updated the website with shiny new updates
  • Jos to start advertising Bad Romance 2 with a date as ‘TBC’.


  • Jos to check with availability in the new year from Hope Chapel for the sword fighting workshop.
  • Tom to send out an email asking for proposals for 2018. Megan to forward this to other Am Dram groups.
  • Lucy to book the Alma Tavern for 2018, some time between October the 1st and November to the.
  • Read-through of Arcadia is still on the table? Jos to check with Tom Bloom that he still wants to do this, and when would the read-through be preferable, Thursdays work best for us.


  • Is all now at Tom Brown’s flat.


  • AGM 2018 Lucy/Louise to complete a financial report at the end of the year
  • AGM date set for 21st January 2018