CADS Ctte mtg June 2018

CADS Ctte mtg June 2018

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Mon 4th June
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte mtg June 2018

Minutes of the CADS Committee Meeting 05/06/2018


  • Jos Eggington – Chair
  • Charles Hutchence – Workshops Rep
  • Tom Brown – Secretary


  • Lucy Black – Co-Treasurer
  • Louise Waller – Co-Treasurer
  • Kate Ryan
  • Megan King

Minutes of Last Meeting

  • All Good

Show Updates
Shakesbeer 2018

  • 2017 show photos are on the G drive for anyone who needs to use them.
  • Jos will put the best 20 or so on the Flickr page so that they will appear on the website
  • 2018 Show seems to be coming alomg well
  • Publicity is going well so far, posters are up around Clifton and the banner is up outside the Library
  • See Publicity for more
  • About 50 tickets have been sold so far.
  • We have had some problems with the automatic response email that people get when they buy tickets. It currently is scrambled and features a lot of html code. Several people have inquired whether they need to bring a printout of this response email to the shows. There is a bit of Info on the website which tells them that they don’t have to bring a printout.
  • Jos has looked in to the scrambled email and hope that it is now fixed, but will fix again if it’s not right yet.

The Anniversary

  • Facebook event for the read-through (1st Luly) and auditions (3rd & 5th July) is now up.
  • Producers to organise the Committee for meeters and greeters at the auditions.


  • Lucy needs to send Jos the list of people who replied to the GDPR email we send out. Jos will then create the new mailing list.
  • We might need to change the wording on the website email signup page to detail exactly what people are signing up for. Jos to draft.
  • Charlie will create/copy a privacy policy for Jos to put on the website.


  • Megan is currently unable to act as Publicity rep, so the committee will fulfil these roles as necessary.
  • Advertising avenues for Shakesbeer include…
  • Getting the Cast to push tickets to friends/family. Kate as director and Lucy/Louise as producers should hammer this home to the cast regularly at rehearsals
  • Paper/magazine advertisements are a no.
  • Need to get the show on Bristol 24/7 website. Jos to draft an advert for them.
  • We have a list of Facebook groups who we can advertise the show to.Charlie  to push the show through this avenue.
  • We have a list of other am-dram groups. Tom to group email these with an advert.
  • Jos to do website listing description of the show.
  • Charlie to tweet. Jos needs to make him an admin on the Twitter account.
  • Charlie to take pictures at rehearsals.


  • Jos to talk to Tom Bridges about as 2nd sword fighting workshop.


  • CADS Picnic coming up on the 7th of July. Fancy dress BYOF picnic at the observatory.
  • Kate to create an email about and advertise one GDPR is sorted. Also create a Facebook event.
  • We have decided not to take part in the Improv Showdown on the 9th of August. However someone from the committee should go along, and possibly organise a group outing. This would allow us to see if it’s the kind of thing CADS would want to take part in in the future. Lucy?


  • See above


  • Hope Chapel has been paid for the sword fighting workshop.
  • Jos has been paid for the hire of the swords.


  • To avoid future confusion. All Committee meetings will take place at the Portcullis Pub, unless stated otherwise in the committee meeting before.

Date of Next Meeting: 02/07/2018