CADS ctte mtg June 2016

CADS ctte mtg June 2016

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Tue 28th June
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS ctte mtg June 2016

Minutes of the CADS Committee meeting 28th June 2016


  • Beth Reynolds
  • Jo Richmond–Coggan
  • Lucy Black
  • Margot Navellou
  • Megan King
  • Nat Delaney
  • Stephen Bryant
  • Rhona Jamieson
  • Richard Farrer


  • Minutes of the last meeting 09/05/16

Lessons learned for next committee – ongoing

Some payments due to committee members still outstanding (Jo £44) (LB)

Cast members of MR membership payments – some still outstanding (LB)

Paula is no longer a signatory on the HSBC account

Website: payment – LB volunteered to make annual payment and to speak to Rob (LB)

Instagram – MK to set up (done)

Committee can be added as Facebook administrator by adding Jo/Nat as friends who can then organize

Emailing – info@list to be used for wider audience

Social Committee to consider Karaoke night

Ashley Down Green – Beth to email Linda for an update (BR)


  • Rehearsed readings

Beth to obtain access for committee on Googledocs (BR)

Dates/plays since confirmed as monologues/duologues

With Lizzie Nicholson, 18 July at 6-10 pm at Lansdown; 20 July 6-10 pm at Nova Scotia with Lucy, Small Affair

Non acting crew TBC

As many committee as possible to help on audition nights and be visible

Asda do logo cakes!

Audition pieces will be required (LN, LB)

CADS boards to be in Foyer

JLC has the logo


  • Audacity


Production team required

BR to email Paul ref. next committee meeting (completed)


  • 2017

Rights withdrawn for Fantastic Mr Fox

Bristol Cathedral School Available (potential captive audience for family show)

Possibility of one act play for One Act Play Festival – deadline for submission a week after February half term (ND)

ND looking at other family show scripts (ND)

James and the Giant Peach – a lot more puppetry than feasible

TWITS and Matilda not available, Danny Champion of the World v small cast.

MK to look at the current school curriculum (MK)


  • Emails received

RLJ to distribute participatory emails (RLJ)

Eddy Raeburn – more info required (RLJ)


  • AOB

MK – Promenade Shakespeare should be every year (Spring)

JRC – Alma should be booked for Oct/Nov slot every year

Next meeting – 19 July @ Portcullis, 8 pm

Lansdown has workshop bookings to be cancelled (MK)

Bristol Improv – has crowdfunding project to purchase permanent space at Polish Club on St Pauls Road Clifton, with possibility of CADS contributing in return for possibly using space – TBC (SB)