CADS Ctte mtg July 2018

CADS Ctte mtg July 2018

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Mon 2nd July
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte mtg July 2018

Minutes of the CADS Committee meeting 2 July 2018


  • Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)
  • Louise Waller (Treasurer)
  • Lucy Black (Deputy Treasurer)
  • Charles Hutchence (Workshops)
  • Kate Ryan (Socials)


  • Tom Brown (Secretary)
  • Megan King (Publicity)

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Show updates

Show report for ShakesBeer 2018: Midsummer Madness

Louise presented the show report, a copy of which is on the CADS drive for future reference. The show worked very well and was a financial success, making £580 profit, 50% of which will be paid to FOCCAL.

LOUISE to contact Paula to arrange payment of £290.

Points in addition to the report:

  • June for an outdoor performance was better than April; more light, potential for more rehearsals outside. Need to bear in mind cast members may have hayfever!
  • Having several scenes in one location meant less walking for the audience.
  • Audience numbers ranged from 13 to 42, but all performances had enough people watching to feel comfortable.
  • Publicity on Facebook worked well, especially the paid advertising, but cast members could have been asked to push the events more and earlier.
  • FOCCAL online publicity needed to be up a bit sooner, but the banner on the railings worked well. Louise has this.
  • Next year we are unlikely to get free rehearsal space at the library, but would like to book to use it as a performance space and green room, again in June.

LOUISE to contact Paula to ask about dates.

The Anniversary

The read-through on Sunday went well, with 11 attendees, plus production team. A mixture of new people and CADS members. Auditions are on Tuesday and Thursday at the Nova Scotia (Facebook thinks this has a postcode of BS16; not something we can change but the map is correct).

The CADS website is up to date with audition info.

JOCELYN & CHARLIE to help with auditions on Thursday.

LUCY to ask Emma to help on Tuesday!

LUCY to amend the Facebook event to make it clear people need to book a slot to audition.

LOUISE to bring the budget to the August committee meeting for approval.

The ticket price might be raised to £11; this is in keeping with other Alma shows. It was noted that the production team should not worry about making a profit; the aim is to put on an excellent show, so feel free to up the props budget 😉



The info list has now been reduced from c. 400 to c. 100 members, following the GDPR process.

LOUISE to send JOS a list of who has paid membership.

JOS to add new members to the members list on Mailchimp.

JOS to organise training for those who want to use the CADS web site.

Facebook was felt to be a good medium for CADS publicity, better than twitter. It would be good to try and use more photos to promote wider engagement on Facebook.

ALL to take some photos at auditions!

Jos noted that the Publicity spreadsheet on the CADS drive is now up to date and is a useful resource.



JOS to talk to Tom Bridges about doing a second sword-fighting workshop.

CHARLIE to discuss zombie workshop possibilities with the trainer this week. Possibly on a Monday or Wednesday.

LUCY to talk to the Lansdown about dates in October to do a read-through of Frankenstein’s Guests, JOS to run.




The decision was made to move the CADS picnic from 7th to 21st July as the attendance looked to be quite poor, possibly because of St Paul’s carnival on the same day. 21st is Harbour Festival but people are more likely to be able to do both.

LUCY to write blurb for picnic.

JOS to change the details on the web site.

ALL to publicise as much as possible in the next few weeks!


Pub quiz

A pub quiz, possibly movie themed, was suggested for August.

LUCY to find a date (preferably 15th! Maybe 13th…) and a venue.


Bad Romance 3

This was suggested for September.

LUCY to email the Lansdown to see if they have dates between 10-17 September.



JOS to send money from PayPal to CADS account – done.


Panto 2019

CADS would like to do another panto in 2019. Jos is up for directing but needs a good producer! We need Sunday- Saturday to enable a get-in, tech, and full dress.

LOUISE to ask Newman Hall for possible dates in Nov/Dec 2019.

CHARLIE and ROB A are interested in writing scripts. The committee needs to have a full script before it will approve the show!

If we are doing a panto in Nov/Dec it might be worth moving our Alma slot to a different time of the year, possibly Spring.


Next meeting: Tuesday 7 August at the Portcullis. Jos will be away.