CADS ctte mtg July 2016

CADS ctte mtg July 2016

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Tue 19th July
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS ctte mtg July 2016

Minutes of the CADS Committee meeting 19th July 2016


Minutes from last meeting

  • Apologies: Rhona and Richard
  • Transfer of accounts in progress
  • Rob needs to be contacted about website payment/details
  • Midsummer Nights Dream in the park – concerns about cast being available, unlikely to go ahead

Audacity Update

  • Plenty of volunteers for production but roles yet to be assigned
    • Required: Stage manager and x2 Stage crew
  • Set with be designed along minimalist lines
  • Deadline for this design to be discussed at next production meeting
  • Must ensure that everyone is offered a role becomes a paid CADS member
  • Rhian is due to meet Holly at the Alma
  • Auditions
    • 6th-8th September at Nova Scotia
    • Half hour slots

Rehearsed readings

  • Low turn out to auditions
  • Need to wait to see turn out at Lizzie’s auditions
  • Event might need to be re-structured depending on the above
    • More relaxed workshop format along the lines of Pantowars
    • To last half a day

Spring Show

  • MK presented research for plays currently on the school curriculum – most for older children/teenagers
  • Beth suggested new proposal meeting as plans no long resembles the original proposal
    • Rhian happy to wait until 2018 Feb half term if this is the case
    • 18th September suggested for meeting – Sunday lunch format
    • MK suggested not asking members for a full budget (as this might scare them off) rather guidance on the scale of their production to help us size up potential costs

2017 shows

  • Number and types of shows for next year discussed
    • x2 full shows
    • 1 more relaxed ‘play in a day’ style social
  • In terms of people making proposals
    • HAVE to be a member to propose
    • HAVE to have a producer lined up
    • MUST be able to provide full script


  • New committee need access to the website
  • Discussed possibility of using Facebook events on a regular basis
  • MK made the suggestion of using Facebook ads to boost events
  • CADS t shirts – hi-res logo needed and prices checked