CADS Ctte mtg April 2018

CADS Ctte mtg April 2018

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Mon 9th April
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte mtg April 2018

Minutes of the CADS committee meeting 10.04.18


  • Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)
  • Tom Brown (Secretary)
  • Lucy Black (Deputy Treasurer)
  • Charles Hutchence (Workshops)


  • Megan King (Publicity)
  • Kate Ryan (Socials)
  • Louise Waller (Treasurer)

Minutes of the last committee meeting

  • All good

Show Reports

Shakesbeer: Midsummer Madness

  • 1st read through was great success, looks like it’s going to be a great show, very good characters and actors and should be very funny.
  • Large cast (at least 15 people) with several repeats from Sleeping Beauty and one from the Arcadia readthrough.
  • Official name is now assigned as MIDSUMMER MADNESS
  • Megan to help with publicity
  • Tom to do the art design
  • 20 tickets have already been pre-booked
  • Kate believes that the show will be 90 minutes long, this may prove to be an under-estimation as rehearsals progress, some cutting may be required, but it’s in the hands of the production team.
  • Budget: Refreshments from the cast are down to 50 quid from 100. Overall budget approved by the committee
  • Ticket price set at a flat rate of £8 per ticket. Children (below 10)  go free.


Sword fighting workshop

  • The one in March went very well, was great success and we should definitely ask Tom Bridges to run another one, possibly after Shakesbeer.
  • Hope Chapel has not invoices us yet
  • The photos look awesome (especially Lucy, according to Lucy)


  • The Lansdown. 7:30 on the 19th of April – food available
  • Official new title approved, love it.
  • Lucy & Louise are writing the quiz.
  • Charles to quizmaster
  • Lucy to send info of the event to the mailing list
  • Tom to make the Facebook event.


  • One act play rehearsed reading in groups, with each group performing a scene
  • Jos has a fun Vampire/spooky script we could use
  • Charlie to try and find a suitable venue/time, good option would be The Lansdown on a Tuesday or Wednesday so as not to class with Shakesbeer. Nova Scotia is also an option.

June/July: Picnic/Sports Day

  • June 7th or 14th or another day in July (Lucy to check if other events on The Downs are likely to clash.)
  • Fancy Dress?


  • Louise to liaise with Megan so that Megan to do the publicity for Shakesbeer.
  • Louise to liaise with Paul regarding publicity for The Anniversary.
  • We have no times for Shakesbeer yet and we can’t sell tickets on the website until we have them. Louise to badger Kate for these.
  • Ideally we will only sell tickets through the website online. Louise to liaise with Paula about how ticket sales through Clifton Library will work. It would be a lot easier for us if the Library can direct customers to our website. Business cards with all the essential info?

Date & Location of next meeting

  • 8pm on the 8th of May at the Lansdown (NOT PORTCULLIS)


  • Rob Egginton would like to borrow some lights. All OK. Lucy to take these back when he’s done with them.
  • Thanks to Jos for hosting.