CADS Ctte meeting October 2019

CADS Ctte meeting October 2019

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Mon 7th October
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte meeting October 2019

Minutes of the CADS Committee Meeting 07.10.19



Tom Brown (Secretary)

Louise Waller (Treasurer)

Charlie Hutchence (Publicity)

Laettie Ellison (Social Secretary)

Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)



Lucy Black (co-treasurer)




  • Rehearsals are going well

  • Free rehearsal venue of Somerset House has fallen through for reasons unknown. Alternative space has been found at the rear of The Clifton. It is not an isolated room, which is a little unusual, but it’ll do. We have also been offered Peter Stone’s flat as a space if needed.

  • 3rd version of the rehearsal venue should go out this evening

  • Possible issue. If there is a snap election then Newman Hall is legally obliged to provide a space for voting to take place, this can go on until 10pm. Fingers crossed that this will not happen during show week, in any case we would have around 25 days notice.

  • Production team would like to buy another two LED Multi-coloured lights to go with the two we already have. This would give more flexibility and better light quality for all lit shows. Light are around £100 each. APPROVED

  • Ticket sales are going fine, currently we have around 25-30 people for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday matinee performances. None so far for the Saturday night performance and only one for the Wednesday performance. Expecting many more ticket sales closer to the date.

  • Cap on spending for Facebook event pushing and advertising currently set at £30.

  • Publicity is already in most of the free websites including Bristol 24/7

  • Advert in the BAOS programme went out and will be in it next week.

  • We would like to include headshots, at least of the main cast, in our programme, Laettie to bring her camera to the next rehearsal to take pictures.

  • Costumes – Lucy is on it and seems to be doing a good job.

  • Set – We have a backdrop and lots of fabric to make banners for the Castle scenes.

  • Announce contest for a randomly chosen person who likes and shares the Facebook event to win 2 free tickets. Winner to be announced Mon 11th November.

  • Sponsorship for the programme ideas? The Lansdown? Whatever curry place we end up having our social at?

  • Ushers needed, 4 per night. Ask Friends & Family, they get a free ticket if they help out.

Alma Show 2020

  • Alma is available late August/early September 2020

  • Louise to book the week of the 6th-12th September

CADS CABARET: Spring 2020

  • Sketch show at the Redland Park United Reform Church

  • Louise to book the 5th-7th of March for a tech/dress and two shows.


  • Halloween Pub Quiz – 28th of October. The Lansdown is unavailable. Portcullis may be available? Louise to Check. Lucy to write the quiz and Laettie to run it. Charles will create a Facebook event as soon as we have a venue.

  • Xmas Social. 20th century flicks for a viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol. Charles to book the 7pm slot on Monday the 9th of December.


  • Spending lots on Cinderella, but still within budget at the moment.


  • Ticket booking confirmation email has now been fixed


  • None

Meeting Adjourned.