CADS Ctte meeting November 2019

CADS Ctte meeting November 2019

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Mon 4th November
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte meeting November 2019

Minutes of the CADS committee meeting 04.11.19



  • Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)

  • Tom Brown (Secretary)

  • Lucy Black (Deputy Treasurer)

  • Louise Waller (Treasurer)



  • Laettie Ellison

  • Charlie Hutchence (Workshops)


Upcoming shows


Cinderella 2019

  • This coming saturdaY (the 9th), Full Run rehearsal, but no band. Lucy to attend to try out costumes on actors.

  • Still need to finalise costumes for Prince, Buttons, Ugly Sisters and Cinderella

  • Need a Makeup artist? Especially for ugly sisters. Ask Cast members if any of them have experience in such things and wouldn’t mind taking the lead on that.

  • Thursday the 7th rehearsal. The Band need space to rehearse, so we will postpone the sing/dancing rehearsal until 8pm that day so that the band can rehearse from 7-8.

  • Louise has set up a load of payments to various people this week.

  • Wednesday show currently has 13 tickets sold.

  • Thursday show currently has 18 tickets sold.

  • Friday show currently has 59 tickets sold.

  • Saturday Matinee show currently has 54 tickets sold.

  • Saturday evening show currently has 23 tickets sold.

  • We need to sell c.80 tickets per show in order to break even.

  • Talk of a possible Bristol Pantosoc social being offered for a discounted rate. £8 for tickets. Jos awaiting response from Pantosoc rep.

  • Charlie to push the show on Facebook

  • Laettie to take lots of pictures at rehearsals so that Charlie can use them in the publicity push.

  • Tech – quote for x5 radio mics and a disco ball for £370 ish.

  • Louise still needs to know from MD James what other tech stuff we need for the sound.

  • We’ve over spent a little bit on set

  • Programme.

  • Offered for free at the show

  • A4 double sided colour sheet, fold ourselves.

  • A4 double sided black & white inset with character info as an inset. Jos to print & we fold ourselves.

  • x250 around £30

  • Charlie to put together the character insert???

  • Front of House – need x4 people each night, ask cast for friends and family volunteers, they get free tickets.

  • Get in – Monday the 18th, during the day, everyone who lends a hand gets pizza from Louise.



  • Big blast notification email detailing all upcoming events and calls for show ideas/scripts etc to go out in January

  • Have a mailing list sign up sheet at the Panto

  • Spring Showcase – need scripts

  • Shakesbeer – Need to confirm Clifton Library before email blast notification, Louise to email Paula to confirm. Also Laettie and/or Kate interested in directing again?

  • Alma Show – need a script or x2 one act plays?

  • Big show 2020 – get thinking.



  • Muppet Christmas Carol at 20th Century Flicks. Charlie to book.

  • Thanks to everyone who took part in the Halloween Quiz