CADS Ctte mtg March 2018

CADS Ctte mtg March 2018

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Mon 5th March
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Portcullis Pub

CADS Ctte mtg March 2018

Minutes of the CADS committee meeting 5th March 2018


  • Jocelyn Egginton (Chair)
  • Tom Brown (Secretary)
  • Louise Waller (Treasurer)
  • Lucy Black (Deputy Treasurer)
  • Kate Ryan (Socials)
  • Charles Hutchence (Workshops)
  • Jamie Fitzpatrick
  • Jim Walker


  • Megan King (Publicity)

Minutes of the last committee meeting

  • All good

Show Reports


  • Kate has heard from Paula who would be very interested in being involved.

  • Likely showtime is Early June, possibly the 9th and 10th, depending on Clifton Library cooperation.

  • Auditions March 21st and 22nd. Venue likely to be Clifton Library or Nova Scotia

  • Stock audition pieces will be used

  • Theme this year is ‘Storms’

  • Megan to make up a blurb and send it to the production team

  • Rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays

  • Lucy volunteers to help directorially.

  • Tom to do the publicity

  • Production team to submit a budget by the next meeting

  • We need a new banner/sign.

  • Production meeting to be held before auditions with paula, depending on her availability.

The Anniversary

  • Louise had made the payments for the rights to perform the show, Lucy to approve.

  • The show dates and the title are on the website, however Paul still needs to provide us with a useable blurb for the website.

  • Louise will chase paul up for the Photoshop file of the publicity in case we feel we need to change anything. Also chase for the blurb


Sword fighting workshop

  • 11:30-16:00 17th of March – Hope  Chapel

  • No luck hiring any metal swords; company we used for Robin Hood has gone bust, other company is not responding.

  • We have a combination of wooden swords being submitted from the society. Jos has x3 longswords, Tom has x3 short cutlasses. Also Arabella has some Charlie will contact her about them.

  • There are several wooden practice swords available online for around 20-30 quid. We could buy some for future shows. VOTE: Motion Carried.

  • Jos will buy the new swords and claim the money back

Zombie workshop?

  • Charlie knows someone who runs zombie workshops e.g. full day/half day/evening. Good time to do this would be a half day on a weekend some time in mid-May. Charles to organise.

Pub Quiz

  • Could be based around Shakebeer

  • 19th April, probabaly at the Lansdown. Lucy to organise


  • After Shakesbeer. 23rd June


  • Needs updating with all these new dates. Jos to to.

  • New membership sign ups have all been emailed.

  • New images from the Panto need updating to the website

  • Jos to email around again with the subscriptions to film/theatre opportunities list.


  • Megan to provide an update soon


  • Tom needs to pay his membership fee

  • Jos needs to ring Barclays in order to get access to the bank account

Dates of 2018 meetings

  • 9th of April

  • 8th of May

  • 4th of June

  • 3rd of July

  • 7th of August

  • 3rd of September

  • 2nd of October

  • 29th of october

  • 4th of December


  • Lucy would like to move the CADS blacks into stores. Lucy to let Tom know when she’d like to drop them off.