Clifton Amateur Dramatic Society

Clifton Amateur Dramatic Society

We are a friendly and fun amateur dramatic society based loosely in the Clifton area of Bristol. New members are always welcome; just sign up with our Membership Form! We do regular showssocials and workshops. Keep up with CADS events by subscribing to our events calendar.

Latest News

  • A sizzling summer in store with CADS
    Bad Romance covers

    Everyone is welcome to join in our summer social this June, when we’ll be staging another Bad Romance, this time at the Somerset House in Clifton Village. Bad Summer Romance is a chance to be creative, silly, romantic and just have a lot of fun with some bad romance blurbs and a selection of interesting props! Do join us, either to join in or just to watch the mayhem unravel…

    We’re also looking forward already to our summer production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, with tickets now on sale through the website. An additional perk of being able to use the spectacular Clifton Club as our venue for this show is being able to create two delicious new cocktails which can be pre-purchased along with your ticket – check out the details here!